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In this groundbreaking docuseries, over 67 doctors and patients share brand new insights and natural healing protocols to help women of all ages. Experts shed light on issues like:

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Your Host, Lori Otto

Lori Otto is a natural medicine advocate and investigative journalist who, along with her husband Jonathan, has traveled around the world uncovering little-known natural health secrets from renowned doctors, researchers, and experts.

For many years, Lori was in a losing battle with her body. Nothing worked. No medicine helped. Doctors could not heal her and said much of it was “in her head”. By turning to natural remedies and supplements, she successfully overcame hypoglycemia, anemia, digestive allergies—including IBS, bloating, and pain to the point of being afraid to eat—significant respiratory and skin allergies, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, and joint pain, and was able to cease her prescriptions for anxiety and depression.

Lori credits this dramatic healing to a foundational anti-parasitic detox combined with gut healing and restoration that allowed her renewed intake of healthy nutrients to be absorbed properly.

Before her own severe health issues were corrected, Lori was a devotee of standard medical care and, in her own words was “very skeptical” towards natural medicine. Through her travels and her husband’s earlier work, she observed countless testimonials of healing success achieved through natural remedies. “I could no longer deny the power behind natural medicine and its incredible results.”

Lori had struggled to get pregnant – But is now the proud mother of a healthy baby boy, Asher.

Throughout her healing journey, she studied all she could about pregnancy and labor, and this learning experience inspired her to create the groundbreaking 9 Episode Docuseries, Women’s Health Secrets. Her goal is to educate and empower other women, offering them hope and healing.

Here’s what’s inside each episode of Women’s Health Secrets (Premieres November 25th)

Episode 1 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 01: Uncovering the Truth Behind Women’s Health Secrets

Episode 2 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 02: Reducing Stress and Increasing Energy

Episode 3 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 03: Female Hormone Imbalance

Episode 4 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 04: The Cancer Connection

Episode 5 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 05: Weight Struggles

Episode 6 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 06: The Cycle of Life

Episode 7 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 07: Pregnancy & Children’s Health

Episode 8 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 08: Wearing Our Health

Episode 9 - Thumbnail

EPISODE 09: Triggers for Disease

Episode 10 - Thumbnail

BONUS EPISODE 10: Time to Transform

Episode Schedule

Airing on November 25

Episode 1: Uncovering the Truth Behind Women’s Health Secrets: Learning to Balance Hormones Naturally, Reverse Thyroid Issues, Autoimmune Conditions, PCOS, Infertility, and Manage Stress.

Airing on November 26

Episode 2: Reducing Stress and Increasing Energy: the Hidden Causes of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid Issues, and the Impact of Your Mental State on Your Health.

Airing on November 27

Episode 3: Female Hormone Imbalance: Discovering How Thyroid Issues, Endometriosis, PCOS, Autoimmune, Fibroids and Other Hormone-related Conditions Can Be Overcome

Airing on November 29

Episode 4: The Cancer Connection: Uncovering the Connection Between Breast Health, Cancer and Autoimmunity and How These Diseases Can Be Reversed

Airing on November 30

Episode 5: Weight Struggles: Fighting Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Other Weight Related Illnesses Associated with Female Health

Airing on December 1

Episode 6: The Cycle of Life: Natural and Healing Approaches to Birth Control, Sexual Health, Infertility, Miscarriage, and Menopause

Airing on December 2

Episode 7: Pregnancy & Children’s Health: Looking at the Best Practices & Outcomes for Pregnancy Health, Postpartum Health, and Children’s Health

Airing on December 3

Episode 8: Wearing Our Health: Learning the Best Ways to Improve Skin Health, Fight Aging, and Transition Into Using Products that Heal the Skin and Transform the Body

Airing on December 4

Episode 9: Triggers for Disease: Examining the True Causes of Disease, How We Can Avoid It, and How We Can Reverse It

Discover how you can treat common chronic health issues that women of all ages face -- Plus how to improve your weight, skin, and wellbeing using natural tips from our leading doctors and experts.

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