EPISODE 1: Title Here

  • Conventionally-trained doctors opted for natural medicine to help treat and prevent chronic conditions. Why? Current medical protocols might limit healing. And that’s because conventional medicine looks to treat symptoms with toxic pharmaceutical medications — without addressing the root cause of disease — whereas functional medicine focuses on healing the body as a whole.
  • Seeking treatments through ancient wisdom and harnessing the power of natural medicine might be the most important developments of the modern history of biology. Find out what plant compounds have healing and detoxifying effects.
  • Discover the dietary habits that may contribute to a premature death and what food choices increase lifespan and prolong good health.
  • What is the devious plan of “the TRILLION dollar-a-year global” BigPharma “cartel”? Dr. Pam Poppe explains the ugly truth on why money is ruling the world of modern medicine and how financial gain is influencing diagnoses and treatments.
  • National Health Alert: Less than 1 percent of Americans actually eats a healthy diet. Discover what a truly healthy diet means according to studies, and how you can use your diet as a medicine for the body.
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